Work at Home? 7 Ways A Hot Tub At Home Will Save Your Sanity and Restore Your Quality of Life!

September 22, 2011

Do you work from home?

How do you know when work is over and you’re “home”? Does work just go on and on into the night and start again early in the morning? That’s a sure recipe for burnout.  You must have a boundary between home where you can relax and “let down” and work where you’re required to pay attention, be “on” and be creative. Here are seven ways that smart home workers use a hot tub to improve the quality of their lives:

1. Put an end to your work day by heading out to the hot tub.

If you work at home, having a hot tub will help your draw the line between work and home. A hot tub will save your sanity and make life worth living!  Many Olympic Hot Tub Company customers are home-based workers  or home-based business owners who buy a hot tub and discover it helps them create that dividing line. They shut the computer off at 6 (or later…), go out to the hot tub, dial their mood by soaking from 10-20 minutes  and then “arrive home.”

Once they enter their door after hot tub soaking, they make a rule to stop working. The soak in the hot tub changes the way they feel in 20 minutes so they’ve given their brain a rest and changed their whole attitude.

2. Enhance Your Creativity at “Work”.

Many home-based workers tell us that their creativity is enhanced and and they find themselves getting new ideas in their “off” hours but only when they take that crucial break from brain work.  You need relaxation time to let ideas bubble up. Having a hot tub at home means you can take mini breaks during the day when creativity lags. And, those mini breaks enhance productivity, too.

3. End the Jammie Syndrome.

How often do you get up, grab some coffee & toast and sit right down at the computer to begin your work day still in your jammies?! If you make a habit of getting up and soaking in your hot tub first thing, you’ll have to change out of your jammies and into real clothes when you get out. That’s your chance to get into work mode.  What’s that expression? “Put on your big girl pants and get to work”! Many of our Olympic customers are big fans of soaking first thing in the morning so they can ease into their day gently as their brains rev up for the workday ahead. Soaking in hot water is great for brain stimulation.

4. Cure a hangover. 

There’s also the real possibility of a hangover cure when you soak in the morning-just in case you’ve been out partying and MUST get your brain working the next day. Ever notice that working at home makes you want to go out more? You need relief from the same four walls.

5. Cure a stress headache. 

Stress headache from too many hours at the computer?  If work at home is makes you stressed out, find stress headache relief  by using  coffee, ibuprofen and a soak in the hot tub. It works every time.

6. Cure your “computer back”.

After hours of sitting with possibly pour posture, your back is sure to let  you know it’s unhappy.  There no better cure than heading to the hot tub to ease back pain. The hot water and jets work wonders to eliminate the kinks from sitting too long.  Get stiff muscles and joints back to normal by hot tubbing after work.

7. End the loneliness of working alone. The hot tub is a great place to socialize. Invite other solopreneuers over to celebrate the end of the work day.

Working at home? Sure there are perks like no commute and being on your own time. But, let a hot tub help you draw the line!  Shut off your computer, go out to the hot tub, take a relaxing soak. Only then will you know you’ve “come home”. Life is not meant to be spent working 24/7. If you have any other suggestions about using a hot tub to help you work better from home, please share!

SANUM PER AQUA. Latin for Health through Water.