Why Your Should Add ACE Salt Water Care to Your Existing Hot Spring Spa

December 10, 2013

ACE Retrofit Contro PanelACE Salt Water Care is here as a retrofit. That means easy, smooth soaking for Hot Spring Spa owners. That’s the big news. Just add salt!

The wave of interest in salt-water hot tubs now reaches back to 2004-2008 models that can adapt to the ACE Salt Water System for Hot Spring Spas. Two-thirds of new Hot Spring Spa Highlife & Limelight Hot Tubs are now sold with ACE, and now those of you who are long-time owners can enjoy the comfort and convenience.

The salt water sanitizing system, which uses a diamond electrode to generate natural cleansing in the salt water, makes water care easy, safe, cost-effective, environmentally responsible and natural, so you can relax. No more adding chlorine after each use, using a test kit, and struggling to balance the water pH.

Here are 4 BIG reasons why you should switch:

  • Water looks cleaner. No more cloudiness – it’s all sparkle with the salt and diamond.
  •  Water smells cleaner. No more dank odors or chlorine scent.
  • Water feels cleaner. The silky-smooth soak means no dry skin or irritated eyes.
  • Water lasts longer. Precise measurements mean no excess chemicals more time between changes.

A satellite control panel on the side of your tub operates the retrofit ACE system. You switch on the Clean Cycle after your soak and head inside. The automated system is more hands-free which means fewer products to buy, giving you more reasons to relax. It’s a whole new hot tub experience in your old hot tub!

Here’s a BIG Holiday special when you select an ACE salt water care system for your Hot Spring Spa models years 2004-2008: FREE installation. Save $172. when your order before December 24th. Call Olympic Hot Tub’s Service Center M-F to order. 206 431-2876.  Why not get yourself a little gift?

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