Why Not Take Your Hot Tub Camping??!!

August 29, 2010

Well, if you really MUST have a hot tub when you go camping, here’s one idea. From the DesignCrack.com archives, it’s called the DutchTub. The Dutch Tub is one of those ingenious ideas where you wonder, ” Why has no-one thought of this before?”  (Or maybe not?). It’s a bit like an old-fashioned wood fired hot tub, but it uses a bit more advanced coiling system to heat up the water (using propane for the heating). On top of that, it’s also a barbeque complete with a wok that sits on top of the fire. If that’s not enough, consider that it’s relatively light, which means higher portability. You could bring your hot tub camping ( not dream of mine-Four Seasons, anyone?)! The DutchTub comes in a number of vibrant colors, but the shipping will set you back hundreds of dollars. 

Better than the Dutch tub is a hot tub that runs off a generator. Tow it behind your mobile home on a utility trailer and have all the pleasures of hot tubbing while camping or in an RV park.

Here’s a great option if you really want to take your hot tub camping:


The Solana TX®  Spa from Olympic Hot Tub Company is all about simplicity.   Completely portable, the triangular shape of  a Solana spa enhances your backyard, patio, sunroom, basement or spare bedroom or life on the road. It’s easy to drain and take with you!!  Simply plug it into a dedicated, standard 115v outlet or  take  your  generator with you to power it up.

The foam insulation and vinyl cover retain heat to keep energy costs low, and the integrated filtration system keeps the water clear and fresh with minimal effort. All internal components – pump, heater and filter – are specially designed for low-maintenance.

The unique variety of custom jets and contoured seats cradle the body, providing a level of soothing hydro-massage and relaxation. Imagine having a personal masseuse, on call whenever you want, in the comfort and privacy of your own home or after a hard day’s drive on the open road!

Whether you want to relax alone or together, consider Solana spa your private destination for serenity and rejuvenation each and every day. Solana® spas… not an ordinary hot tub only at Olympic Hot Tub Company.

Sua cuique voluptasLatin for Everyone has his own pleasures.

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