When you see what’s new in 2019 on Hot Spring Spas, you’ll say “Yes, please!”

February 22, 2019

February 22, 2019 – With most of the winter weather (I hope!) behind us, it’s time to truly look forward to spring, which is just around the corner. I know many of you have had hot tub dreams for so long, and you’ll be looking at your backyard at that spot you visualize your dream hot tub to reside.

Well, 2019 is absolutely the year of Hot Spring Spas, and you should absolutely make it the year to make the investment into your health & wellness! The upgrades made to the 2019 Hot Spring Highlife Collection elevate it to a whole new level of healthy safe soaking, energy efficiency, and environmental friendliness. There really is nothing else like it in hot tubs today.

Here are some of the exciting features now standard on Hot Spring Spas:

  • A substructure that’s eco-friendly. Say goodbye to tubs built with a wood frame and base. The wood sub structure in Highlife Collection Spas has been changed to a polymeric one made of recycled materials. No wood to ever worry about degrading over time. One of the hidden things that will increase the durability of your hot tub.
  • Increased energy efficiency. The new substructure also features a base pan. This is the surface that comes in contact with your yard, deck, concrete pad, etc. Engineers designed this to avoid any moisture absorption into the bottom of your tub. And, it’s been created with a honeycomb design, so the entire base doesn’t even meet the ground, reducing the transference of cold from anything your tub sits on and reducing energy usage. Innovative, durable, and smart.
  • The healthiest water for soaking. The exciting new FreshWater Salt System takes salt water soaking to a whole new level. This new system has easy-to-replace cartridges that require no maintenance and operation from the control panel that is very simple. There’s no reason to continue with dinosaur water care using bottled products added over and over and over. AND—with proper attention from you, water changes can be reduced to only once a year! Better for your skin, better for your health, better for the environment.
  • Wireless Controls. Hot Spring introduced this state-of-the-art control system five years ago on limited models. It’s now standard on all Hot Spring Highlife Collection Spas. Large display icons and temperature readings make it easy for anyone (even a sight struggling guy like me) to see it easily. The LED screen is bright and intuitive. While it nests in the front of the tub on the bartop when not in use, it can be easily handheld for operation anywhere from the tub once you’re in for a soak.
  • Tri-X Filters. These filters are amazing assistants for crystal clean water and further support Hot Spring’s effort to be environmentally conscious hot tub providers. Forget tossing old poly-sleeve filters every couple of years! These filters, made of a porous rigid material, last 4-5 years and clean easily in the dishwasher! With each containing 65 square feet of filtration, you have amazing cleaning capacity for safe soaking and peace of mind.
  • New luxe cabinet and shell color options. A design team re-imagined the cabinet styling of the Highlife Collection to perfectly complement outdoor furniture. The result is a sleek sophisticated exterior with six color options to perfectly synch with your design ideas. The shell colors perfectly align with the cabinets for a high design look not found anywhere else in the hot tub industry.

Whew! Is that enough? Actually, it’s not! Because, along with all of these amazing updates, you still have tried and true exclusives that really make Hot Spring the hot tub to own: Moto-Massage DX jets that sweep up and down your back for a full massage; 100% no-bypass filtration for ultimate safety and clean water; whisper quiet cleaning and filtration with the SilentFlo 5000 circulation pump; floor drain for easy cleaning when it’s time for a water change.

But that’s not all! There’s also a wonderful new addition to the Hot Spring Collection for 2019. The Triumph is a thoughtfully designed tub for four that has enjoyed great success for Hot Spring internationally. By offering this model in the U.S., we have a wonderful answer for those that desire two lounges in their hot tub. This tub will definitely make you feel like you’re living the Highlife!

There’s much to be excited about, and it’s absolutely the time for a Hot Spring Highlife Collection tub! As Alice, our co-founder used to say, “A house is not a home without a Hot Spring”.

Visit one of our showrooms today and find out why!