What’s the #1 Summer Hot Tub Accessory? A Spa Umbrella!

August 3, 2012

With all of this sunny weather,  you might be thinking twice about hot tub soaking in full sunlight.  Sure you can wait until dark, but why miss the chance to soak in your Hot Spring Spa anytime?

If your hot tub is in full sun (lucky you), take a look at our SpaUmbrella with it’s huge 9-foot coverage area.

It’s been tested to be fail safe in winds up to 25 mph and does fold up out of the way if it gets windier than that.

The height is 8-feet, 6-inches high which is high enough so you won’t bump your head when you’re getting in and out of the hot tub.  You’ll appreciate the longevity of the resilient and machine-washable, Sunbrella fabric.  Great color choices, too: sage green, camel, terracotta and graphite.  The rust-free base has storage capacity for your water care supplies.

You can see why it’s the #1 hot tub accessory: the SpaUmbrella lets you soak comfortably in the daylight again without getting a sunburn.

Call any Olympic Hot Tub showroom to order or from the Service Center Monday-Friday 8-5.  206 431-2876.

RES SEVERA VERUM GAUDIUM. Latin for Pleasure is serious business.


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