What To Do in The Hot Tub? Give Your Partner a Hand Reflexology Massage!

August 16, 2010

A really nice thing to do in your Hot Spring Spa is give your partner (and receive!) a hand reflexology massage. We all suffer from things like headaches and backaches from time to time and hand reflexology just might provide quick relief.

Hand reflexology is not as well known as foot reflexology, but the principles are the same. There are points on the hands that correspond to areas of the body. The  diagram above shows those areas.

HOW TO GIVE A HAND REFLEXOLOGY MASSAGE: Gently massage each point in turn starting at the head (around the thumb area) and working down across the neck, throat, and chest down to the feet. Hand reflexology has an advantage over foot reflexology because it can be performed anywhere. Start with gentle pressure.  Increase pressure gradually but ease off if it gets painful.

These are useful techniques to learn for the treatment of simple every day complaints. (Never use it if there is likely to be an under lying injury, or medical condition.) Here are a few:


If you have a headache, try stimulating the top of the thumb and the part below which represents the neck area to find relief.


Gently massage the heel of the thumb and the area across the center of the hand. If there is pain, stop immediately because this may indicate something deeper that requires medical treatment.


The point where the center of your hand joins your wrist can be stimulated to give relief from lower back pain. This is a perfect antidote to backache caused by sitting at a computer for too long. Always seek medical advice if back pain persists.

Try hand reflexology in hot tub. It can’t hurt, feels good and who doesn’t like to hold hands with your partner?? Let me know how it goes!

SANUM PER AQUA. Latin for Health through Water.

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