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We’ve got great gifts for the Mom who’s a hot tub lover for her special day

May 7, 2019

Hot Spot Lifestyle Mom DaughterMay 7th, 2019 – Mother’s Day is coming! It’s this Sunday—don’t forget. If you’ve got a mom who really loves spending time in the hot tub to relax and get some much needed “me” time, you might want to treat her to something to make that time even better. Here are a few gift ideas we think she’ll love.

  • If your mom is an avid book lover, there’s no reason why a good book can’t be enjoyed during a soak. The AquaReader is designed to hold books or a tablet on a float so she can easily enjoy that good read. If she likes to take in a good book on her tablet, our DryCase for Tablets will keep water away from an iPad or other tablet so she can read away without worrying about it getting drenched!
  • Nothing feels better than a soak with a bit of aromatherapy added to the mix. We’ve got a full array of Spazazz Aromatherapy in some wonderful scents that perfectly enhance hot tubbing. From Honey Mango to French Vanilla to Eucalyptus and more, you’ll be sure to find a couple options that she’ll love.
  • Medicine Springs Mineral Therapy is terrific for a lot of reasons. If your mom is an active runner or gardener, soaking in the hot tub (or a bath tub) with their Sport Formula will provide great relief. The Joint Formula is terrific for anyone with arthritis, and their Skin Formula will help nourish the skin. Each is made to replicate the therapeutic properties of natural hot springs from around the world. They won’t cause water quality issues, nor will they counteract any of your sanitizers. They were recently featured in Oprah’s magazine as a great find!
  • Nothing is better than a lush feeling robe to head out to the tub with and wrap yourself in after that much needed soak. Our Luxe Waffle Knit Robe is made of a rich blend of cotton and modal, which not only feels incredibly soft but is also highly absorbent. And, if you like the idea of that fab robe and some aromatherapy, we’ve got a gift package that will get her both and save you some dough in the process!
  • Everyone (mothers included!) want to do everything they can to keep their skin supple and feeling great. If you’re not using SilkBalance as part of your water care, your mom will appreciate switching to it. It keeps the water balanced and has softening agents to pamper your skin while you soak and guard against the drying effects of hot water and chemicals. If you’re in our service area, consider having our Valet Team convert your tub to SilkBalance. Everyone will love it—not just mom.
  • If your mom is the designated care taker of the hot tub (along with everything else in the house!), you might want to consider surprising her with our Valet Service. If you’re in our service area, our Valet Team can visit to take care of cleaning your tub, draining and refilling, balancing water care, cleaning filters…we’ll do it all! Rescue mom from that chore on the to-do list and give her some extra time. She’ll definitely appreciate that! We have various plans to cater to everyone’s needs.

Find the right way to celebrate mom! Maybe one of these gifts will be the special surprise that will make her day.