Medice Springs Mineral Therapy

Want to give your hot tub a therapeutic boost? Try the award-winning Medicine Springs Mineral Therapy

January 19, 2018

January 19, 2018 – Olympic has always been a fan of figuring out ways to enhance hot tubbing. For many years, we sold a product from Beppu, Japan that replicated the analgesic effects of a natural hot spring. Our customers loved the stuff, and we could never keep it in stock. Alas, eventually its availability in the U.S. was restricted and we could no longer offer it.

Several years ago, the folks who created Medicine Springs Mineral Therapy connected with us. We were very excited about this product, as it took what we originally sold years ago to the next level. The folks at Medicine Springs worked to create a product made from the compounds found in natural hot springs the world over, from Montana to Japan to Alaska…even Iceland! Costa Rica and Peru round out the worldwide research conducted to create Medicine Springs.

Medicine Springs Mineral Therapy was recently voted one of the Best New Products of 2017 by Vitamin Retailer, and we can certainly understand why!

If you’d like to give Medicine Springs a try in your bath or hot tub, we offer all three formulas—Joint, Skin & Sport—on our E-Store. Adding the correct amount to your hot tub will give you its therapeutic benefits for three months. It’s always been a popular item for us, and we think you’ll love it. (And…it’s made right here in the U.S. in Montana!)