Want A Budget Friendly Spa? Your Best Buy is An Energy Efficient & Plug-N-Play Freeflow Spa

June 19, 2012

Take a tip from Freeflow Fred.

He’s here to give you a lesson in Relaxation 101:  Freeflow Spas.

For a quality basic spa you can plug into your household outlet and fill with a garden hose, check out Freeflow Spas at Olympic Hot Tub. We chose a friendly bulldog to represent Freeflow because these spas are tough & durable just like a bulldog. They’re energy efficient, too.

The Plug-N-Play unit makes a great starter spa, and it means you can add relaxation to rental property, vacation homes, military housing or retirement living. They’re not Hot Springs Spas, the top-shelf brand, but they come with Olympic Hot Tub’s quality service and they’re made by the makers  of Hot Spring-Watkins Mfg.

Olympic’s delivery team will bring your Freeflow Spa to your home in the Puget Sound area and set it up where you want it – pretty much any level surface will do.

The unit has EcoFlow filtration to keep the water clean and clear, and you drain it a few times a year to keep things fresh. Freeflow has full foam insulation and a durable molded shell in a wide choice of colors. Olympic has three Sport Models and four Premium Models with different sizes and options to fit your space and budget. As always, you can test the model in the store to make sure it fits your comfort.

Pick it out, fill it up, plug it in, sit back and relax. That’s what a budget-friendly Freeflow Spa from Olympic Hot Tub’s all about!

SANUM PER AQUA. Latin for Health through Water.


Energy Efficent Freeflow Hot Tub Plugs Into Wall Outlet!  Durable & Reliable, Freeflow Spas are Affordable & Easy Care

Looking for a Plug-N-Play Spa?  Buy a Freeflow Spa Writes Happy Owner

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