Wake Up Your Morning Routine: Hot Tub FIRST!

April 4, 2011

Most of us are automatons in the morning. Still sleepy, almost sleep-walking until we’ve had that cup of coffee or maybe some morning exercise.  Have you ever thought about how different things would be if you changed up your routine? Spring is here. Why not get out of your morning rut and hot tub first to wake up and start your day right?! Here’s how:

  1. Start Slowly. Hot tubbing first thing is the gentle way to greet the day. Sit quietly for a few minutes before turning on the jets. Scientists have been saying for years that starting your day with quiet reflection like meditation can have benefits that last all day.  Save the blaring TV and radio news for later. This is your private time.
  2. Get Energized. Ten minutes in a hot tub at 104° will be invigorating. Stay longer and you’ll feel like going back to bed.
  3. Caffeine Dependent? Take your mug of  tea, coffee or a diet Dr. Pepper and a Moon pie with you. The heat will make the caffeine and sugar course through your blood stream even faster.  Now that’s waking up on jet speed!
  4. Caffeine Free? Take a bottle of water and do some deep breathing to speed the hot water’s effects.
  5. Stretch! If you’re heading for a run or session at the gym, hot tub time will loosen your muscles and prime your body for a good workout. Light stretching in the hot tub will make your workout even better.
  6. Watch the seasons unfold. Many Olympic Hot Tub owners listen for birds (or whales, if they live on the water) and tell us that they appreciate nature so much more when hot tubbing in the morning. Their senses are more attuned to nature’s sounds.  They can see the natural world unfold around them. It’s a whole new world, they say.

Make it a “Good Morning!”.  Hot tub first thing. It just may change your whole perspective on life.

SANUM PER AQUA. Latin for health through water.

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