Vactionless in Seattle? Hot Tub for a Daily Vacation and Relaxation for Life

September 3, 2012

It’s Labor Day. I hope you’re going to take the day off , soak in your hot tub and have some fun like the cute kids in the photo are enjoying.

I just read a recent survey: “How often does your family take a vacation?” The results were sad to see:

20.1% said they rarely or never take a vacation.

12.8% said every 2-5 years.

27.9% did say once a year, but it’s not certain for how long their vacation was.

The rest were more fortunate and vacationed 2-3 times a year for short times. Even on vacation many people take their work with them.  Not a great way to take time off.

I’m talking to the people who rarely take vacations or only every 2-5 years. Did you know that vacations are necessary to avoid burnout, to refresh, relax and renew?

Many of our Olympic Hot Tub customers tell us that they use their Hot Spring Spas for a daily vacation. When they can’t get away from home because of work or family obligations, they can at least go to their own backyard and take an hour to unwind and get back to center.  There’re no reservations to make, suitcases to pack, long lines to put up with. The hot tub’s right there ready 24/7 whenever they are.  And, soaking in the hot tub always guarantees the same relaxing experience unlike many vacations!

There are other major benefits; too, that daily hot tub soaking gives you:

  • Hot Tubs Promote Creativity: A daily soak will inspire you, banish writer’s block and help those great ideas bubble up. Hot tubbing is a way to reconnect with ourselves helping us get back to feeling our best.
  • Hot Tubs Stave off Burnout: People who take the time to hot tub daily are less likely to experience burnout than those who never take a break from daily life.
  • Hot Tubs Combat Stress: Use your hot tub to beat stress in 10 minutes. A quick soak is like a trip to the “mind spa” freeing you from everyday worries & cares.
  • Hot Tubs Keep Your Brain Sharper, Longer: Under stress, the brain can’t function well and capacity for learning is diminished. One way to keep the brain fit is aerobic exercise. Another way to keep sharp is hot tub daily, which increases circulation and blood flow to the brain.
  • Hot Tubs Strengthen Family Ties: Hot Tubbing can keep relationships strong by encouraging pleasurable time spent together. If your family is like most others in America today, everyone is busy and rushing off in different directions with different schedules. Few families eat together as they did in the past. Getting a hot tub is a terrific way to spend quality family time together. Here are some great ideas for making the most of your family time together in the hot tub: “Hot Tub Together to Reboot Your Family”.
  • Hot Tubs Can Boost Your Immunity: One big benefit of hot tubbing that is frequently overlooked is the benefit of being in nature while soaking. Scientists found that being among plants produced “lower concentrations of cortisol, lower pulse rate, and lower blood pressure,” among other things, which gave the immune system of test subject a major boost.

If you’re vacationless in Seattle, you need a hot tub NOW! It’s a stressful world out there. Taking the time to de-stress daily will give you multiple health benefits in the long run and, may just save your sanity.

Relax for life™


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