True Love! Huband Buys a Hot Tub for His Wife to Celebratre Their Anniversary

May 31, 2010



Derek Scott Olk bought a hot tub from Olympic as a surprise for his wife to celebrate their wedding anniversary.  He’s in the army and about to go to a posting in Korea. He wanted a very, very special gift for his wife.



Exelane Lanzaga in the Lacey Olympic Hot Tub store arranged for a surprise delivery, with red bows.  Here’s what happened said Exelane:  “No one was able to take pictures because the surprise happened so fast. There was a big sign on poster board on the front door to follow the blue arrows (in photo) then another big sign on the sliding glass door  that he loved her very much and that outside was something special to help her relax.  A new hot tub with red bow and red balloons!!! They couldn’t wait to use it so they went in at 70 degrees!!! And stayed in for about 30 minutes.  And they have already used it 2 more times yesterday along with her mother and father.”

This is one anniversary the couple will never forget!

June is Anniversary month for many couples.  If you want to make a big splash on your wedding anniversary and keep the romance alive arrange for delivery of  a new hot tub from Olympic Hot Tub Company!~ Making the hot tub a surprise is even better.


SANUM PER AQUA. Latin for Health through Water.

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