Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade To a New Hot Spring Spa This Fall

September 27, 2010

1. NEW ACE Salt Sanitizing System-The First Completely Integrated Salt System for Hot Tubs-Cleaner water with no hassle.

Using a diamond electrode that breaks salt into powerful sanitizers, Hot Spring’s exclusive ACE Salt Sanitizing System is integrated with the control panel. One glance tells you it’s working. Less work for you and better for the environment than harsh chemicals that other hot tubs use. Great for kids and everyone with sensitive skin!

2. Environmentally Friendly and Energy Efficient

Today’s Hot Spring Spas use less power than just a few years ago. Full-foam insulation, heat capture systems, LED lights, corona discharge ozone systems, more power drawing less energy, custom fit insulated covers and synthetic wood cabinets that will not warp or let cold air in. Typically the average new hot tub costs between $15-$35 month to operate versus as much as $75.00 a month to operate older tubs (not Hot Spring Spas) or any new tub with little or no insulation.

3. Clean, Clear Water the Simple and Natural Way

The revolutionary new SilkBalance natural water care system eliminates testing, mixing and adding a host of chemicals to keep the water pure and clean.  With the help of the corona discharge ozone system that’s standard on all Hot Spring Spas, SilkBalance needs only 3-4 ounces once a week and the addition of small amounts of sanitizer or shock after you soak. That’s all. Olympic provides SilkBalance with all Hot Spring Spas for your health, and peace of mind. So, if you don’t select the ACE system, SilkBalance is the next best thing.

4. Easy to Use

Hot Spring Spas topside control panel is so advanced, there’s no guesswork. Everything from temperature to jet settings is clearly displayed. With our sophisticated IQ 2020 remote control, you can operate the spa’s electronic functions right at your fingertips, with just a touch of a button. You can adjust the jets, lighting; temperature and much more…even turn the tub on from inside your home. Go for simplicity. Hot Spring Spas’ control panel is easy to operate and requires no programming!

5. The Massage Your Body Has Been Longing for

Hot Spring Spas provide more jet therapy than ever before. Jets now provide a variety of actions; everything from pressure point jets to pulsing massage spinners. There are typically enough variety of jets on a new hot tub to give you a full body massage before getting out of the tub. Jets provide you with a complete relaxation session as well as aiding in invigorating your body when your tired.  Massaging action from your neck to your toes will remove the kinks and knots earned from a stressful day.

6. Hot Spring Spas Retain Their Looks Over Time.

Hot Spring’s Everwood cabinets retain their good looks for years. Gone are the old wood cabinets, which soon turned black and mossy in our northwest weather. Today’s Everwood cabinets are made of synthetic materials recycled for the good of the environment. You’ll never have to sand, stain and seal a hot tub cabinet again. A huge time saver.

7. Magical Lighting

With the introduction of LED lighting, the Hot Spring Spa experience is now more romantic and dramatic than ever. There are lights that encircle the tub, mood lighting to color the water on a rotating basis and lights that light your way to the tub. And these LED lights cost far less to operate and last longer than conventional lighting.


8. Entertainment for the Whole Family

From stereo systems, I-pod docking stations to TVs, Hot Spring Spas are ready for you if you want a home theater experience with jets & hot water!


9. Bubbling Fountains for Soothing Sound

New fountains that are backlit with LED lighting will be the centerpiece of your backyard escape. Bubbling fountains add a tranquil aspect to tubbing. Many scientific studies show that sitting by a fountain or waterfall is very soothing. Hot Spring Spas bring more relaxation home with their many water features.


10. Euro-Styling and Beautiful Colors

Hot Spring has modernized the look of the backyard hot tub with new Euro-styling that takes away the boxy look of older spas and replaces it with sleek styling.  New colors that are more vibrant add depth to the water especially at night. Seating now is more apt to be multi-level so that every member of the family has a place. Cabinets come in the most popular wood colors from faux redwood, African wenge and cape cod gray. Some Hot Spring models can be customized with faux stone to match many landscaping projects.

And, here’s#11 Silent Operation.Hot Spring is the only spa you dare put outside your bedroom window or on a deck! Hot Spring Spas are absolutely silent when filtering, heating and cleaning. Silent operation is great for you and great for your neighbors.

Olympic Hot Tub Company offers FREE test soaks. Most models are hot and ready to go. Call for your private test soak time. Come experience the Hot Spring Spa difference today.

Have an older Hot Spring Spa or another brand not from Olympic Hot Tub Company? We take trade-ins!

RES EST SERVAS VOLUPTAS. Pleasure is serious business.

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