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Tired of old vinyl hot tub covers? Think about a Smartop

March 21, 2017

SmartopVanishMarch 21, 2017
Everyone loves their hot tub and how it makes them feel. What a lot of folks fall OUT of love with over time is how heavy and water logged their hot tub cover gets. Nothing like wrenching your back pulling a cover that feels like a ton of dead weight off your hot tub so you can get in to get some relief for your back!

Here’s the great news: There’s an awesome alternative to the vinyl hot tub cover—and it’s made right here in Washington state! It’s called Smartop.

Smartop is the creation of Leisure Concepts hailing from over the Cascades in Spokane, Washington. They have the distinction of the being the top hot tub accessories manufacturer in the world.

Mike Genova, owner of Leisure Concepts, firmly believed there was a better answer to the traditional vinyl hot tub cover. He came up with Smartop, and it’s rapidly become one of our favorite things to offer to our existing and new customers for a cover alternative.

The goal of a Smartop is simple: Provide a contemporary energy efficient cover for your tub that will not get water logged and stinky over time. The product was designed so it will fit just about any hot tub available, and is now also an option for swim spas.

We love this product, and we think you will too! If you’re tired of dealing with a vinyl cover that gets trashed and heavy every few years, this is the ticket!

Smartop is available in two styles:

  • The Original Smartop—Easy to operate, it requires the least amount of clearance behind the tub. If you have about 10” behind your tub, the integrated hydraulic lift will make the Smartop a breeze to use.
  • The new Vanish—This version requires about 24” of clearance behind your tub. It glides on and off the tub utilizing an enhanced lift mechanism with gas shocks. It will allow you to enjoy a Smartop and tucks the majority of it behind your tub out of view when open.

If you’re ready to upgrade from your traditional hot tub cover to a Smartop, visit one of our showrooms to see both the Smartop and Vanish in person. Give them a try and take a look at the terrific design. We think you’ll agree the future of hot tub covers is here—and it’s Smartop.