couple in hot tub, man in sauna

Time-Out Machine: Two Ways to Get Reconnected

February 22, 2017

February 22, 2017 –

SaunaHotTubRush, Rush, Rush! Family, work, friends…shop, cook, exercise, email, social everything. Too many distractions…too many destinations. It might be the new lifestyle…but is it a life? Where do you find the time to stay connected…with yourself…with loved ones…with that special person in your life? You can’t really make time, can you? Well…maybe you can.

There are two “Time-Out Machines” I can think of that can take you to a better place: your sauna and your hot tub.

Finding a way to set aside some peaceful time together is essential. And in the bubbly pleasure of your hot tub, or the soothing warmth of your sauna, you’ll discover the perfect answer. Both of these relaxation destinations help your body to release endorphins. And that calm and comfort invites communication, allowing you both to share your feelings, your worries, your days and your dreams with ease.

Once you’re together in your hot tub or sauna, the rules of intimacy are few and simple. Make sure to look into one another’s eyes. They are the ‘windows to the soul’ after all. Eye contact helps to create a harmony of thoughts and emotions.  Touching is essential as well. Surveys have shown that the touch of a mate is one of the most important aspects of a long, loving relationship. And what better place to give and receive a massage than where both you and your muscles are relaxed and receptive. Hand, foot, scalp, shoulder, neck…they all feel great when they’re massaged in a sauna or hot tub!

Take time for yourselves. Schedule a date night every week and make that a priority. Have the hot tub or sauna ready beforehand so the transition from your “other life” to your sanctuary is seamless. One way to enhance your experience is to introduce aromatherapy into your time together, by adding scents to your hot tub or essential oils to your sauna.

Making time to reconnect will help to fill you with love and gratitude for each other…as well as your sauna and hot tub.

Enjoy your together time.