Three great yoga poses for your hot tub

May 1, 2018

May 1, 2018 – Last week, I mentioned that I’ve seen a lot more folks using their hot tub for yoga. Did you know that there’s a Hot Tub Yoga Book? It’s true! If you’re a yoga lover, and want to give hot tub yoga a try, this book will give you a great foundation for instruction.

There are a few poses that lend themselves to performing in your hot tub. If you want to give these a try in your hot tub, it will give you an indication if hot water yoga is for you.

  • The Cobra—Stand about two feet away from the wall of your tub, with your feet firmly planted on the tub floor. Place your forearms flat against the wall and grip the edge with your hands. Stretch upward, arching your head back over your shoulders, which will result in a good abdominal. Then, rise onto your toes and hold your breath for about 10-15 seconds.
  • The Stork—Stand on the floor of the hot tub and lift your right leg slightly bent until your thigh is parallel with the floor of the tub. Plant your left heel firmly on the floor and grab the toes of your elevated leg while straightening your leg fully. Push your foot towards your body to increase stretching while holding your breath for about 10-15 seconds. Alternate to your left leg and repeat.
  • Cross-Legged Twist—Get into a relaxed seated position in your tub. Cross your right leg over your left while keeping your left foot planted on the floor of the tub. Place your right hand behind you on a bench seat in your tub, then reach your left hand over your right thigh. Take your left hand and reach up to lengthen your spine, then twist to the right slowly and look over your right shoulder. Hold for three breaths. Face forward, uncross your right leg, and reverse the process.

There are lots of other yoga poses easily done in your hot tub. If you’re interested in doing more, think about ordering the Hot Tub Yoga Book. The book is made up of waterproof pages, is designed with a flip chart format, and has a stand to make it easy to read when in the tub.