FreshWater Salt System

The next great hot tub water care revolution is here! Introducing the FreshWater Salt System

February 8, 2019

FreshWater Salt SystemOne of the reasons Olympic Hot Tub is so appreciative of being a dealer for Hot Spring Spas is their commitment to making hot water soaking healthy and as maintenance free as possible. In 2009, they made a significant leap forward in achieving this with the ACE Salt Water System. It brought to market a water care system that allowed soaking in salt water in their tubs. There had been efforts at salt water systems for hot tubs from various companies in the industry, but never had a manufacturer attempted to integrate a salt system into a hot tub in concert with the rest of the tub’s operations. And, no other manufacturer has achieved it still to this day besides Hot Spring!

Over the years, the system continued to evolve and became easier to maintain. Some of the improvements came from feedback from dealers like Olympic, who listened to what customers had to say. And, because we believe so much in the ability for customers to get a chance to try a hot tub before making a decision, we had a significant number of hot tubs in our showrooms with salt systems in operation that gave us insight into the best way for our customers to experience healthy salt water soaking.

2019 is a (no pun intended) watershed year for Olympic and for Hot Spring Spas. They have introduced the next generation of salt water soaking, and we can’t be more thrilled. It takes a giant leap forward in making the system even easier for customers to use with less ongoing expense and even more eco-friendly than ACE! We’re thrilled to bring the FreshWater Salt System to market on our entire line of Hot Spring Spas.

The FreshWater Salt System is fully integrated into the operation of a Hot Spring Spa, taking it to a new level not found with ACE. A salt cartridge is housed in a chamber built into the tub’s filtration system, allowing continuous water flow to produce sanitizer from the salt in the water. The cartridge is designed to last four months and can be easily replaced by the hot tub owner. It doesn’t require cleaning or any maintenance! The system is operated easily from the control panel of the tub.

The number of water care products required to operate the system have been reduced, and the number of times you need to add any bottled product has been as well. This means you’re adding less fillers and chemicals to the water in your tub. That’s not only better for your skin, it also extends the life of the water. With the proper minimal care required on a FreshWater Salt System, you can expect to only drain your hot tub once a year! This satisfies a couple of Hot Spring’s initiatives: to reduce the amount of maintenance for the hot tub owner and help conserve water. Their belief is that, as a hot tub manufacturer, part of their responsibility is to find ways to help reduce the amount of water needed to use a hot tub. Water is a precious resource, and they are proactively taking steps to make sure Hot Spring Spas require as little water as possible while allowing consumers to have the healthies hot water soaking environment to enjoy.

There are so many benefits to soaking in hot water! Yet, the biggest organ we put into a tub each time we soak—our skin—has largely been ignored by the hot tub industry. Salt water is a much better environment to immerse your body in to get that all-important soak with its myriad benefits. Isn’t it terrific to know that the water you soak in has just the right amount of sanitizer to keep you safe, yet salt water to aid your skin and prevent it from drying out?

The water looks, feels, and smells clean. It’s truly exciting to offer this amazing system to our customers on Hot Spring Spas.

If you’ve held off on considering a hot tub because of chemicals, maintenance, water usage…? Well, your day has arrived! If you’re in our service area in greater Puget Sound, visit one of our six showrooms and let our team show you how this wonderful new system works. Better yet, make an appointment and give it a try! We’ll have tubs in every showroom filled and ready for you to try out.

The FreshWater Salt System will give you another reason to sink into hot water and say, “Aaaaaahhh!”