moto-massage jets

The magic of the Moto-Massage

July 10, 2018

July 10, 2018 – I’ve had back issues for about 20 years now. I think they began a couple years after I started working at Olympic Hot Tub. I was driving home from work one night when I was sideswiped by another vehicle. At the time, it seemed like everything was perfectly okay and I wasn’t injured. About seven months later, however, I was experiencing crazy pain and numbness down one leg. When I finally had an appointment with a neurosurgeon, he said it was bad enough that I needed surgery the next day!

The surgery addressed the herniated disc and I felt so much better. However, less than 18 months later I was in occasional pain, and it turned out there was still more herniation occurring. That was also about the time I got my first Hot Spring Spa with a Moto-Massage jet. When I returned to the neurosurgeon, he looked at my file and said, “You work at Olympic Hot Tub?” When I said yes, he then asked, “Do you have one of your tubs with a Moto-Massage?” Quite surprised that he knew what a Moto-Massage jet was, I then told him I had just had one delivered to my townhome. He then told me that if I used my hot tub regularly—and specifically the Moto-Massage—I would likely be able to avoid a repeat procedure.

It turned out that my neurosurgeon had a Hot Spring Spa purchased from Olympic Hot Tub.

Wow! That was an early testimonial that still resonates with me today. The Moto-Massage for many is truly magic. Hot Spring developed this patented jet around 35 years ago, and it’s been transformative therapy for hundreds of thousands of Hot Spring Spa owners.

Today’s version of the Moto-Massage is far superior to what I owned back in my Hot Spring Jetsetter in 1998. The updated version features two jets that sweep up and down the length of your back, providing a full massage. This design provides an edge over traditional jets:

  • Because the Moto jets don’t hit your back in the same spot for an extended period, it allows you to camp out in front of them for a longer period.
  • The sweeping motion allow the jets to really get a chance to break down tension and increase blood flow to the muscles surrounding the spine.
  • All Moto-Massage jets are designed to hit your back just right, thanks to the thoughtful seat design in Hot Spring Spas. Each Moto seat is slightly reclined to ease tension to your back and ready it for therapy.
  • The addition of four precision jets over the Moto-Massage helps relieve neck and upper shoulder tension, which sometimes contributes to back pain.

(By the way, the other jets happen to be outstanding too!)

If you have issues with back pain, a Hot Spring Spa in your life with a Moto-Massage seat may be one of the best prescriptions to make you feel a heckuva lot better. Having a daily massage therapist in your own backyard isn’t such a bad idea!

– Don Riling