After yoga woman with coffee cup relaxing Hot Spring Spa Jetsetter in background

The best wake up call you’ll ever have? Soaking in a hot tub

February 11, 2020

After yoga woman with coffee cup relaxing Hot Spring Spa Jetsetter in backgroundFebruary 11, 2020 – In my time at Olympic, I would say I hear the majority of customers we’ve sold Hot Spring Spas to tend to enjoy using their hot tubs in the evening. I myself love to soak about an hour before bedtime to help my body prep itself for a better night’s sleep. I’m finding, however, more and more hot tubbers have embraced using their tubs first thing in the morning.

The hot-tub-in-the-morning craze became even more evident this past week as something people I personally know are embracing. Scott Iverson is the unbelievably wonderful National Sales Trainer for Watkins Wellness, the parent company that manufactures Hot Spring Spas. He sends out periodic inspirational videos about wellness through hot water. In one I watched last week, he shared some fantastic thoughts about why hot water is so wonderful for us as human beings.

Near the end of the video, he shared how he starts his day in his hot tub. His words from the video: “I was in my hot tub at 4:30 in the morning. Guess what? Ripping clear skies, stars like nobody’s business…and silent. And that’s an experience that no one else is having! And you know what it does? It gives you an edge to face the day. Your body is woken up gently, circulation is jump started, your system is ready to take on the day.”

If you ever had a chance to hear Scotty talk, you’d be hooked!

We thought this video was powerful enough to share at our sales meeting this past Sunday. When we were recapping our observations from it, Suzanne, one of our sales team members, proceeded to share that she also hot tubs in the morning. She said when she initially bought the hot tub, she thought it would be good for her kids to use. She works out a fair amount and thought that hot tubbing before exercise would be beneficial. (Olympic posted a blog about this years ago.) Somewhere along the way she gave soaking in the morning a try—and discovered it was the best time for her to hot tub. She said it was terrific to head out early, get in the tub, and have peace and quiet and time for herself before starting her day. She summed it up in one wonderfully simple phrase: “It’s a gift.”


I’ve relayed this before in a previous blog, but one of our customers last year shared how he loves starting the day out with a soak. For him, it’s a place to find solace and practice his morning devotionals. He truly believes it makes him a better person to interact with everyone he comes across throughout the day.

Another advocate for morning hot tubbing? Steve Hammock, the President of Watkins Wellness. He is by far one of the busiest and brightest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, and he has drive! And, the thing that fortifies him for the hundreds of things that will come his way is a morning soak in his Hot Spring Spa.

Four instances just from this past year that were shared with me about morning soaking!

If you’ve not given soaking in the morning a try, you should. It will wake you up, get your circulation going, get your brain into a positive space, and get your muscles and joints limber for the day ahead. Never mind that hot water just feels so good.

You might find out it’s just about the best wake up call you’ve ever had!