The ancient Japanese tradition of hot water soaking easily translates to hot tubbing today

March 5, 2019

March 5th, 2019 – After my recent trip to Italy and some of the eye-opening information I discovered about how Italians like to soak, it made me think about other places in the world where hot water immersion is a staple to their way of life. It made me immediately think of Japan.

The Japanese have a long-standing tradition of engaging in soaks in public baths. A trip to a sento is a ritual to soak and cleanse the mind and body. This unique cultural and communal experience originated back in the 6th century! While its beginnings were tied to Buddhist purification rituals (many temples had baths for this reason), it’s evolved from there into an everyday tradition for everyone.

Japanese love bathing for a number of reasons. Their belief is hot water immersion is key for improved blood circulation, relieving intense pain, and calming your nervous system. Hot tubbing can easily achieve these same benefits and give you the added jet therapy to help release tension and loosen muscles. Stretching while in the hot tub can provide even more benefit, offering relief from muscle and joint discomfort.

Another plus to hot water soaking the Japanese embrace is its ability to improve breathing. The combination of pressure on your chest along with the hot water helps bolster lung capacity and oxygen intake.

Onsens, or natural hot springs, are a true treasure in Japanese bathing culture. It could indeed be one of the secrets to their glowing youthful skin! Soaking in a natural hot spring with its analgesic effects and salt helps with skin elasticity. Add to that the fact that your soak increases blood flow to the skin and encourages the release of endorphins, and you’re well on your way to a rosy glow post-soak that feels and looks terrific!

Today’s Hot Spring Spas feature the wonderful ability to soak in salt water every day with the FreshWater Salt System. With this state-of-the-art water care, you’ll use far fewer bottled products and immerse yourself in water that’s very nearly in the most natural state you can get for hot tub soaking. The result is water that’s effervescent, more therapeutic and softer on your skin. You will absolutely love it!

Another option to provide that natural hot spring experience in your hot tub is through Medicine Springs Mineral Therapy. Made in Montana, this innovative company sought to replicate the mineral content of the best therapeutic hot springs in the world, including Beppu in Japan. They have three formulas designed to address issues with joint, skin and muscles. We love it because it doesn’t impact water care and will help transform your hot tub water into the closest thing you can get to a natural hot spring without trekking around the world for that healthy soak.

Doesn’t a soak in a Hot Spring Spa sound pretty terrific right now? You could soon be enjoying a modern-day ritual at home to rival what the Japanese have known for centuries: hot water heals!