May 18, 2009

It gets dark so late now that we were in the hot tub at 9:15 with a sky that was dramatically lit like this. The wind was really blowing across our roof top deck. I imagined white caps on the hot tub surface. Looking over at the 10′ aluminum ladder lying on its side on our roof top deck, I thought to myself that ladder looks really tacky, but what a lifesaver.  It will be here forever in case of an “emergency”.  On a similarly windy night a few years ago, the wind blew so hard that the door to the deck slammed shut locking us out on the roof in the tub with nothing but towels between us and the elements.  Being totally in the buff, we didn’t want to call to passersby or neighbors for help.  We have a key hidden outside and could have asked someone to get it, open our front door, come up stairs and rescue us. But, modesty and feeling ridiculous prevented us from yelling for help. Blair got out of the tub and shivering in the buff lowered the ladder to the entryway and climbed down.  Did I mention it was 42 degrees out? Brrrr. Blair found the key and came upstairs to unlock the door. My hero! For further insurance, I always use a door stop now!

Share your stories-ridiculous or sublime with us.  Once you own a hot tub, you “get it”-the change in your everyday life. You feel so much better-from soaking in the hot jetted water; from making time for yourself. You sleep better and your relationship is better because you have that shared time with your partner. Just the two of you away from distractions where you’re able to have real talks with each other-in the hot tub.

That’s hot tub bliss!

SANUM PER AQUA. Latin for Health Through Water.