4 people in a hot tub


December 15, 2008

4 people in a hot tub

Here are 5 ways to create the perfect hot tub environment! The right temperature, mood, company, refreshments and moderation will increase your enjoyment.
1. Temperature- The optimum temperature for getting the most out of your backyard vacation is between 100 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit.  You can experiment within this range of temperatures to find the perfect setting for the most enjoyable hot tub experience. My husband and I find that our hot tub temperature varies with the outside temperature. The colder it is, the hotter we like it. In the summer we turn it down.  An old teacher of mine said that “consciousness loves contrast”.  And that is certainly true of our hot tub temperature.

2. Mood- The hot tub is best enjoyed coming home after a hard day at work or right before bed. We turn off the lights and simply gaze up at the stars-trying to decide which is a star and which is a planet. We light some candles, too, and place them around the hot tub to provide a romantic ambiance for our rooftop escape. Adding some aromatherapy products to the soak further enhances relaxation. Just make sure though that the product is specifically made for use in hot tubs. Go to our E-store for the absolute best aromatherapy products “Being” which are especially formulated for hot tubs. Being isn’t greasy, won’t screw up your water chemistry AND the scents are heavenly.  Being scents include: Enlighten with Lemon, Cypress, and Basil;  Reflect with Lavender and Geranium; Uplift with Green Tea, Ginger and Lime; Awaken with Tangerine and Grapefruit; and, Release with Chamomile and Clary Sage.  Order today from our E-Store.

3. Company- What would be the essence of a hot tub experience if there is no one to share it with? The soothing warmth of the water is best enjoyed in the company of a special someone and makes the setting an ideal opportunity for quiet conversation.  My husband and I never run out of things to talk about in the hot tub and it’s so relaxing that any potential disagreements get melted away before they bloom into an argument.

4. Refreshments- It is important to stay hydrated during the soak, but please no alcohol. It can create some adverse health risks. Many people do use alcohol when they first get a new tub. But the next day they feel so awful if they over imbibe, that they’re cured from every drinking in the tub again. The Hot Tub plunge for relaxation and detoxification, so try just plain water.  We like icy cold San Pellegrino.

5. Moderation– Medical Studies have shown that over-exposure to excess heat is dangerous to one’s body, so don’t risk it. A moderate soak in a hot tub is advised, but limit immersion time to twenty minutes or so. One can always come back for more anyway. The benefits of improved circulation, cardiac output and purifying your body toxins make it so worthwhile.  I had a nasty fall last Monday which was quite painful. I stayed in bed all day Tuesday except for 3 trips to the hot tub for 20 minutes each time.  The result: pain greatly diminished and I could walk without wincing! Talk about a miracle cure!

With that said, forget that pending resort and spa membership or that long desired expensive trip to Paris this year and enjoy a vacation instead right in the backyard everyday!

Create your own backyard sanctuary now by installing a hot tub which will give you years of enjoyment with family and friends.

RES EST SEVERA VOLUPTAS. Pleasure is a serious business!