September is Healthy Aging Month: Your Backyard Hot Tub is the Fountain of Youth!

September 1, 2010

We all hate to think of getting older, so how about getting better as we age?  Healthy Aging Month is designed to inspire all people over 50  to think positively about moving forward and taking up activities that help them age well. It’s never too late to improve one’s physical fitness, social and mental wellness or financial well-being.

What better way to age well than improve your health by hot tubbing regularly?  Take a tip from E.H. of Kirkland, WA who has just purchased his third hot tub from Olympic Hot Tub Company:

“This Jetsetter Hot Spring Spa is the third or fourth unit I have acquired from Olympic.  I use the hot tub daily in the morning- and always after playing tennis three or four times a week. As I am coming up on my 82nd birthday, I give the hot tub much of the credit for making it possible for me to stay so active.”

Did you catch that??  He’s not the only Olympic customer who credits his hot tub with keeping him young. We have many, many customers who are soaking in their 80’s and nineties. Our oldest purchaser was 93 when she purchased a spa.Want to stay active and look younger into your 80’s and beyond? Start now: Get a Hot Spring Spa and use it! Hot tubbing  IS the Fountain of Youth. Look no further.

SANUM PER AQUA. Latin for Health through Water.

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