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Selling your home with a hot tub? Here are tips to give your tub stunning curb appeal for the sale

December 15, 2017

December 15, 2017 – Isn’t looking for a new home to buy fun? I’ve only made two purchases myself in my adulthood, and both of my experiences were relatively trouble-free.

I distinctly remember when I was shopping around with my realtor visiting a couple of homes with a hot tub. The houses were quite lovely—and then I got to the hot tub in the backyard and I thought, “What are these people THINKING??”  It was clear that plenty of attention was paid to getting the house and yard ready for sale, but the tub was absolutely not part of the equation. It was in the corner with rather unattractive cloudy water, and a cover that reeked and was heavier than you-know-what.

Here’s a hint: Some folks get excited about having their first hot tub with a new home. Why not make the tub a true incentive to the purchase rather than an eyesore that could make people think twice?

Here are some smart things to do to get your hot tub ready for your home sale.

  • Get the tub drained and detailed. Your hot tub water should be sparkling! Potential buyers should lift the hot tub cover and go “Aaaaah!”…not “Eeeewwww”.
  • Thoroughly clean the cover. If the cover is newer, be sure the underside of the cover is free from any mildew. Clean the underside with some baking soda (Simple Green also works wonders). Clean the exterior vinyl with liquid dish soap (like Dawn). If you happen to have any pitch on the cover, it should come off using lighter fluid. Once clean, condition the vinyl with 303 Protectant so it revives the look of the vinyl.
  • If the cover’s old and water-logged, invest in a new cover. In the grand scheme of selling your house, putting a new cover on the tub is wise. You’ll be sure the largest/very first thing of the tub a potential homeowner sees is a nice cover that’s light and easy to manage.
  • Balance the water weekly. Be sure the alkalinity and pH levels are in the correct range. Balanced water stays clear and smells fresh.
  • Ditch bromine floaters. They’re unattractive, create way too much odor and mess with your pH. If the tub’s not in use, it’s better to just add a small amount of granulated chlorine every few days to keep the water sanitized and fresh.
  • Having an open house? Consider having the tub open, jets running. Periodically add small doses of aromatherapy (like Spazazz) to the tub to give the environment an attractive scent.

These simple steps will help the hot tub sell your home instead of cause buyers to pause! If you or your realtor are willing, you might consider a short-term Valet Service plan with our company if your home is in our service area. We can customize a plan to help keep your hot tub home-sale-ready so you’re free to focus on other things.