Selling Your Home With a Hot Tub? 7 Tips for Hot Tub Staging that will Help You Get a Quick Sale

October 3, 2012

Tub Appeal. That’s what we call our 7 hot tub tips for staging that will help you sell your home more quickly.

When it comes time to putting your house on the market, a hot tub can make the home a hot property. Olympic Hot Tub’s relaxation experts have some tips on maximizing your tub appeal to make your home sell more quickly.

Thanks to Linda in the Fife store, Val in the Seattle store and Bernadette in the Everett store who provided these suggestions for how to create a beautiful scene:

1. Start at the top. Make sure your hot tub cover is fresh, either new or scrubbed clean with 303 Protectant. You can leave the tub open to show off a water feature running on low speed.  Check your cover lifter to make sure it’s in top working order.

2. Spiff up the cabinet.  Paint the skirting of your spa to match the cover, and make sure the colors blend with your house, deck and backyard décor.  Need advice on what paint to buy or how to clean the carinet? Call our service center 206 431-2876.

3. Sparkling water is everything. Pay attention to the water – pristine, sparkly clear, reflecting the bright lights – with a little clarifier to enhance the bluish tone of the water.

4. Add visual interest. A cute quacking Fountain Duck. It’s sure to draw the “oohs & aahs”.

5. What’s behind that sparkling water? Freshly-cleaned filters are a must in case a real techie is on the prospective buyers tour.

6. Show the low energy cost of  your Hot Spring Spa. A printout that proves the low cost of operating and maintaining the tub can help reassure potential buyers that they’re purchasing an energy efficient model.

7. House & Garden. Make the setting irresistible. Arrange some nice towels and sparkly flip-flops in a basket with pleasant fragrances near the tub, maybe some inviting chairs and a plant stand or two, and hang a couple of fluffy new robes on a robe tree. Place some candles nearby for daytime showings, and float them in the water at night.

People shopping for homes are looking for a place to relax. When you stage your hot tub the right way, the setting can convince them that yours is the spot resulting in a faster sale.  And, remember that love at first sight won’t hurt either. Tub appeal like sex appeal is in the eye of the beholder. When your hot tub and yard are enhanced to show off their best assets, buyers are more apt to fall in love with your home and dicker less on the asking price!

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