Save Money on Your Hot Tub Heating Bill-The Cover is Key!

October 12, 2009

Covers are the great protector of your Hot Spring Spa and your energy bill! A cover that is made to fit your hot tub properly will create a vapor lock to hold in the heat, keep your water free of debris , and ultimately save you money.

Winter’s coming! How do you know if you need a new cover?

-You look outside on a snowy day and see no snow on your hot tub cover;
-The vinyl is torn, brittle, or cracked;
-The seams are separating;
-The cover smells of mold or mildew;
-The cover is heavy due to water collecting inside the cores;
-You haven’t replaced it in the last four years.

Do a complete assessment of your cover in daylight. Be honest…if your cover is heavier than a Barcalounger, you need a new cover!
So, what’s new in hot tub covers, you’re asking? Standard covers come with 1.5 lb density foam cores. For extra energy efficiency & durability, upgrade your standard cover to 2 lb density foam cores.
And, for a truly beefy cover? Choose an ATLAS Cover! Standard covers taper from 3 ½” to 2 ½”, and come with 1.5lb density foam cores. An Atlas cover steps up to a taper from 5″ to 4″, and are automatically upgraded to 2 lb density foam cores.the most energy efficiency. Plus they’re stronger than the slimmer covers.

If you answered yes to any of the questions above and want to save money on hot tub heating this winter, call our service center to order a new one today!  Blog Special $75. off all Sunstar Spa Tops through Friday, October 23rd at 5PM.  Call Olympic Hot Tub Company’s Service Center (8-5Pacific time) 206 431-2876 to order and mention code: Blog Special! We ship nationwide!

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