Salt water heals everything, Cayman Islands

Salt water soaking—It’s terrific!

February 16, 2018

February 16, 2018 – It’s amazing how a journey halfway across the world can make you realize how terrific the products you offer are.

I’m currently on vacation in Grand Cayman. On my first full day here yesterday, a couple of my friends and I went into George Town to shop. While we were wandering in and out of the many stores looking at wares, one of the shop owners pointed out that there was nothing but salt water around us. She made an off-handed comment on how good salt water really is for you, which I acknowledged briefly as I continued looking at her great little shop.

As we meandered down the way, a t-shirt in a window caught my eye. On it was a simple powerful phrase: “Salt water heals everything.”

Well, while that’s a pretty broad statement, it made me think about how terrific salt water soaking is for your skin and contributes to your overall health.

We’re fortunate enough to sell Hot Spring Spas, who nearly 10 years ago introduced the revolutionary ACE Salt Water System. It’s so terrific to sell a product that emulates healthy soaking in salt water that’s virtually chemical free and so low maintenance. It was a true innovation in the hot tub industry.

Consider all the positive benefits of salt water soaking for your skin:

  • It helps reduce inflammation
  • It enhances hydration, helping combat dry skin
  • Helps encourage quicker healing of cuts and scrapes
  • Can kill bacteria that causes acne
  • Balances oil production and helps soak up excess oil
  • Closes open pores
  • Helps restore your skin’s natural pH level
  • Improves skin barrier function
  • Helps minimize scarring

Wow! And…did you know studies have also been done that show salt water soaking is effective against psoriasis?

If you’re someone who has sensitive skin, you might consider owning your very own Hot Spring Spa with ACE Salt Water Care. Or, if you already have a Hot Spring Spa, give your local Hot Spring Spa dealer a call and find out if your tub has been designed to have ACE Salt Water Care installed on it. Your skin will thank you…and it feels terrific to boot!