Salt Water Hot Tub Makes Everyone Happy in “Tubby Land”

February 28, 2011

There’s nothing better than getting an email first thing in the morning from a happy customer.

Hi Alice:

I bought a new  Hot Springs Spa Jetsetter from Olympic Hot Tub in September. WOW. I love it.

It’s has the new salt system (ACE Salt Water System) and what a tub….Did I mention that I have had a Hot Spring Spa for almost 20 years and the salt system is an upgrade. I passed my dog dish Hot Spring Spa (the Classic and it did look like a giant dog dish) on to a friend who is really enjoying it and it is still running fine after almost 20 YEARS. You make an awesome product.

Oh and Linda at Fife Olympic Hot Tub has been totally awesome. Great help with the purchasing, scheduling and answering every phone call and every question. This made my transition from a regular spa to the salt spa a breeze. LINDA U ROCK!!!!

Another thing, the set up crew for the spa were professional, very organized and left everything in great shape. They took the old tubby to my friends and set it up…all is well and everyone is happy in TUBBY LAND!!! Thanks Olympic Hot Tub Company!!

Justine McMullen, Tacoma, WA

The ACE Salt Water Care system is winning fans and earning raves all over the country.  Using salt and water plus some unique technology, your Hot Spring or Limelight Hot Tub stays crystal clear and clean with no odors or mess. And, your skin will be soft and smooth. Check out the new ACE Salt Water Care System and find out why it’s sweeping the country and making everything else obsolete.

Thank you to Justine for writing.  As she says, with the ACE Salt Water Care System in her new Hot Spring Jetsetter, all’s well in Tubby Land!

RES EST SERVA VOLUPTAS. Pleasure is serious business.

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