Ready to de-stress? Hot tub in the dark!

October 24, 2017

October 24, 2017 – Diets are like opinions; everybody has their favorites. But when it comes to angst ridden news, the media seems to force-feed all of us the same heaping helping twenty-four hours a day. Since you are what you eat, the results are often a gut-ache that sends your stress level off the charts!

Want to rend those heavy-hearted thoughts? Dr. Jerome E. Granato, MD, Vice President and Medical Director, National Cardiovascular Service Line at Catholic Health Initiatives, and author of “Living with Heart Coronary Heart Disease” has a simple, but brilliant suggestion:

• Bathe in the dark! He was thinking bath tub, but hey, what’s good for the bathtub, has to be great for the hot tub, right?
• Here’s Dr. Granato’s simple equation …hot water, plus silence, minus visual stimulation, equals relaxation.
• A few enhancements include deep breathing, and letting your mind drift to pleasant thoughts.

For the most part, hot tubbing is done at night. And being in the dark surrounded by nature, offers a deeper relaxation than soaking in an ordinary bath tub.

If you happen to own a Hot Spring Spa you’ll be able to enjoy complete silence, even while the tub is heating and filtering the water.

• To start, let the exclusive Hot Spring jets, like Moto Massage® DX have their way with all your achy parts.
• Then turn off the jets and close your eyes.
• Let the sublime silence and hot water cradle you.
• Enjoy the feelings of bliss and contentment as your tension floats away. You deserve this!