Poignant Hot Tub Story

January 8, 2010

A hot tub story with a great ending! We ask in our Olympic Hot Tub Company Newsletter Splash! for our customers’ favorite hot tub stories. Jeanne Sorenson, Hot Spring Spa Sovereign owner from Kenai, Alaska, sent this poignant memory:
“Several years ago we took in two foster children-a 6-year-old girl and her 3-year-old brother. The first weekend they stayed with us they anxiously awaited for evening to come so they could hot tub. We tried to talk them out of it since it was -20°, but they insisted. When it came time to hot tub, I got in with the little girl while my husband got the three-year-old ready. When they opened the door to the deck and the cold hit his body, he threw his arms around my husband’s neck and shrieked, “Cold, cold!” He insisted on coming back in. My husband stood at the window with him so he could see how much fun it was. After four attempts, we were able to convince Tanner to get in. The minute his little body hit the warm water, he relaxed and began to have the time of his life. About 10 minutes into his hot tubing adventure, he began to cry! I looked up and inquired. He was rubbing the top of his frozen head as he whimpered, “My hair has turned to Popsicles!” We taught him how to “melt” the Popsicles to get his hair back and then experienced several years of great hot tubing!”

Thanks to Jeanne for writing.  Her story makes me think of the old song “Memories are Made of This”.  Soaking in the hot tub with family is

the way to create lasting memories and strong bonds. What a great business to be in-providing a product that impacts families’ lives so deeply.

SANUM PER AQUA. Latin for Health through Water.

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