Our Founder’s Event this year gives those a chance for change

October 5, 2021

October 5th, 2021 – I’ve always been a big fan of fall. I love the changing of the season, cooler weather, and I am one of those Northwest inhabitants that enjoys rain! Since I purchased Olympic five years ago, though, I’ve also enjoyed fall for another reason: our annual Founder’s Event.

October marks our 5th annual effort to raise funds for a worthy charity doing great work in our region. The Founder’s Event specifically focuses on organizations that help with homelessness, hunger, or arts organizations. This year, I’m pleased to say we’re working to support Pioneer Human Services.

One of the reasons many end up homeless is because they’ve recently been released from prison or jail. Think about being determined to work on a fresh start if you’ve left that situation, only to find it’s difficult to find a job because you don’t even have a home address? The need for counseling or other assistance is vital as well, and it’s far easier for these folks to not re-offend, get jobs and get a chance for change if they have assistance.

Enter Pioneer Human Services! Recognizing these individuals are first and foremost human beings is the foundation on which Pioneer starts their aid. Returning them to society with the support to thrive as a citizen with job training and housing assistance makes all the difference in the world. And Olympic wants to be part of that difference with our support.

We will earmark money from every hot tub and swim spa sold in October to donate to Pioneer Human Services. Our hope is a minimum donation of at least $18,000!

If we can help folks buying from us find better health and wellness through water, we can also help others find the path to a healthier life in our region.

If you’ve thought about purchasing a hot tub or swim spa, I hope you’ll consider buying this month! Your purchase will help Pioneer’s mission to support those in need build better lives. You can learn more about the breadth of services Pioneer offices by visiting pioneerhumanservices.org.

Happy Fall!