Olympic Hot Tub’s Valet Service Celebrates 6 Years of Hot Tub Cleaning For Busy Owners

July 11, 2013

Olympic Hot Tub Valet Team Group Photo July 2013Six years ago on July 13, we took our customers’ relaxation to a new level, introducing our Olympic Valet Cleaning Service.  Today we have four dedicated, hard-working valet crew members who earn rave reviews for our customers.  That’s our great crew of  Sam, Drew, Tim and Ryan in the photo.

“I really see our valet service as more of a concierge service for the hot tub” says Delivery and Valet Coordinator Rob Anderson. “ We can take care of everything for the customer. From water care, to teaching them about the spa, ordering and/ or delivering the right products, and identifying potential problems and setting up service calls, we can handle all aspects of hot tub care and maintenance.”

Olympic Valet Cleaning Service can handle as many of the hot tub chores as you wish, from a one-time drain and refill or annual freshening to a weekly scheduled maintenance.

“For our customers that are on Platinum and Titanium service (bi-weekly and weekly), there really is very little, if anything, they have to do to maintain the tub,” Rob says. “This is ideal for the business person that really doesn’t have the time to take care of the tub as well as families that simply want to spend more time sitting in the water and less time worrying about cleaning the filters, maintaining the water, etc.”

Tubbers who want monthly or quarterly service can sign up for gold or silver plans. Olympic experts also provide tub-site lessons on how to maintain and operate their tubs, including advice for people who buy a new home that comes with any brand of hot tub.

“One of the great things about our valet service is that we really do work rain or shine,” Rob says. “I feel that this is one of the primary benefits for home owners that do not want to tackle the process of draining, cleaning, and refilling the tub when it’s either really hot or really cold outside.”

“Ultimately, we try to make it easy for them to take it easy. I really feel that there is a piece of mind that comes along with the valet service.  Knowing that a trained water care expert is there taking care of the tub really lets the customer focus on the more important aspects of their lives while still maintaining a haven of relaxation to get away from the stress of everyday life.”

Treat your hot tub to a Valet Service Call.  Call our  Service Center M-F 8-5 206 431-2876 to schedule.

As the Romans said it: Res severa est verum gaudium. True pleasure is a serious business.


Olympic Hot Tub’s Valet Service Can Spring Clean Your Hot Tub