Olympic Hot Tub’s Valet Service Can Spring Clean Your Hot Tub!

March 21, 2011

Hot tub maintenance service by Olympic Hot TubIt’s the second day of Spring and all thoughts to a clean hot tub, right?

Why do it yourself? Trust your hot tub to Olympic Hot Tub Company’s professional Valet Service.

You can relax!

We take the work out of relaxing. You’ll find your hot tub clean and ready whenever you want to use it.

Even though Hot Spring Spas are the easiest in the world to care for, so many of you asked for a valet service that we responded, “Yes!”.  This  service has grown to a three man full time Valet Crew.  We’re ready!

Choose any of the services listed below or select one of our on-going valet packages. Tired? Busy? Save your valuable time and energy. Have it done right with Olympic’s Valet Service.


· Drain and Refill including cleaning water lines, detailing your hot tub shell, cleaning and/or replacing filters, cleaning and conditioning your cover and pillows.

· Give a water care lesson.

· Do “hot tub openings”  (if you’ve closed your hot tub for winter) when  you’re ready to use it in the spring.

· Perform a Complete Hot Tub Inspection if you’ve just bought a new home with a hot tub or haven’t used yours in awhile.

· Provide complete Valet Maintenance: weekly, bi-monthly, quarterly or yearly.

The weather has been so BAD that interest in Valet Services has begun early this year.

” Spring Special” : Save $24. on one time Valet Service. Save $100. on our most popular recurring Gold & silver packages. Or convert your hot tub over to SilkBalance and save an extra $31 on our silkBalance conversion service.

Makes a thoughtful gift for a busy spouse.  We service most Puget Sound area locations.  Call Olympic Hot Tub Company’s Service Center 206 431-2876 today to schedule or stop by or call any of our stores.

SANUM PER AQUA. Latin for Health through Water.

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