October 4, 2020

October 4, 2020 – Our founders, Alice & Blair always had a place in their hearts for this issue of hunger.

We honor them with this fund raiser for 3 area food banks.

 (Seattle, WA—October 1, 2020) Olympic Hot Tub kicks off its 4th Annual Founder’s Event by shining a light to help end hunger by supporting three regional food banks serving communities in the Puget Sound area. The event honors founders Alice Cunningham and Blair Osborn and their legacy of giving. This year Olympic Hot Tub selected these deserving beneficiaries: the Marysville Community Food Bank, the Rainier Valley Food Bank in Seattle, and Eloise’s Cooking Pot Food Bank in Tacoma. These institutions have been pushed to their limits by overwhelming community need during the pandemic. Past Founder’s Event recipients include Path with Art, and the GSBA Scholarship Fund.

“Alice & Blair, both brilliant businesspeople, were passionate about a number of worthwhile causes. They shared a concern about the ever-growing plight of hunger and homelessness in our region and they recognized the importance of giving back,” said Olympic Hot Tub President Don Riling.  “Hunger and homelessness often go hand-in-hand and go to the very core of our ability to have a foundation on which to build a happy, healthy existence.”

Olympic will donate a portion of each hot tub sale toward the Founder’s Event goal of $18,000 to benefit these food banks.

Olympic encourages community members to donate directly to their own local food bank or the three participating food banks. “Our company has always been focused on the health and wellness of our customers—one of the reasons we’ve adopted Better You…Better Life ™ as Olympic’s mantra. We think that everyone, regardless of their situation in life, deserves the most basic needs to survive. Hunger is a serious issue in Puget Sound, especially these days, and we hope to do our small part to help eradicate it. We’re hopeful our customers will agree and make our fourth Founder’s Event a significant contributor to these worthy food banks working to end hunger,” said Riling.


About Olympic Hot Tub:

Olympic Hot Tub has been in business 43-years and has six retail locations, Seattle, Everett, Issaquah, Auburn, Lacey, and Woodinville, as well as a service center in Auburn. The company is credited by The Seattle Times as introducing hot tubbing to the Pacific Northwest. Olympic Hot Tub has a focus on wellness and the health benefits of hot water.


Rainier Valley Food Bank


Our mission is to nourish with good food, empower with knowledge, and serve with compassion. We offer assistance through the following programs:

  1. Home Delivery, during Covid 19 Restrictions- Food delivery is available to everyone within Seattle city limits, regardless of age, health, and income.
  2. To-Go Food Bag, for people without access to a kitchen and in need of pre-prepared foods.
  1. Backpack Program, for students and families experiencing food insecurity, attending South Seattle schools, in need of weekend groceries.

In 2018, Rainier Valley Food Bank provided groceries to 16,220 people 271,128 times through 78,628 food bank visits & deliveries. Our staff & volunteers delivered groceries 9,353 times to 246 homebound sick, elderly, & disabled people in South Seattle. From 2017 to 2018, the number of households we delivered to increase by nearly 30%. Our backpack program provided 5,712 backpacks of food to students at 7 schools. That’s a 215% growth from 2017 to 2018.From 2017 to 2018, the number of To-Go Bags requested by Seattle’s increasing homeless & transient populations nearly doubled. Click Here to make an online donation.

Marysville Community Food Bank


Our mission is enhancing the lives of our neighbors by nourishing their bodies, hearts and souls to build a brighter future. We aid the community though these programs

  1. Drive through Food pick up – during Covid 19 Restrictions.
  2. Home Delivery- for persons who are physically disabled, with no alternatives for drive through pick up.
  3. Weekend food program
  4. Backpack program for students and families experiencing need.

The Marysville Community Food Bank receives over 80,000 pounds of usable product every month from individuals, food drives, and local grocery stores. This translates into $138,000 of value that we distribute to about 1,100 families each month. We receive additional monetary support from local churches, organizations, and individuals.

Less than 20% of our food comes directly from Northwest Harvest, Food Lifeline, and government food programs. Local support is crucial as we seek to help the hungry in our community.  Click Here to make an online donation

Eloise’s Cooking Pot Food Bank 


Eloise’s Cooking Pot Food Bank provides quality food to the communities of East and South Tacoma, Washington. Founder, Ahndrea Blue, was concerned about the children in these communities who were not eating on a regular basis due to their families experiencing economic hardship. Without government assistance, Ahndrea began delivering food to her tenants in this area. This is how the foundation for Eloise’s Cooking Pot Food Bank began. The food bank is named after Ahndrea’s grandmother Eloise. Eloise was a woman of humble means but would generously share whatever food she had by providing a hot meal to anyone who was in need.

In 2019, Eloise’s Cooking Pot,

  • Served over 180,000 clients(more than 46,139 households)
  • Distributed over 9 million poundsof food
  • Served over 5 million meals

Eloise’s Cooking Pot is the largest independent food bank and the #1 food delivery service in Pierce County.

Eloise Cooking Pot Food Bank is a program under Making A Difference Foundation.  Click Here to make an online donation