woman relaxed in hot tub

New study shows hot tub soaking may benefit women with ovarian cysts

April 25, 2018

April 25, 2018 – Encouraging new research recently completed at the University of Oregon indicates that regular hot tub soaking can be greatly beneficial to women who develop ovarian cysts and be even more significant for those who are overweight.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a condition that impacts one on in every ten women under 45. If being overweight is added to the mix, the resulting cysts—which can be quite painful—can also take a toll on the heart.

Six obese women participated in the study who suffered from PCOS. During a two-month period, each took a hot tub soak for at least one hour four times in a week. Samples of fat tissue were collected from each of the women at the beginning of the trial and again at the end of the study window.

Several results came back from the study, and many of them were not surprising, given the long history of well-documented benefits we already know are connected with regular hot tub soaking: reduced blood pressure, improved heart rate and improved blood flow among them.

The study also found, however, that hot water soaking caused an increase production of “heat shock” proteins, which helps with inflammation reduction, repairs damage to insulin receptors and also helps improve blood vessel performance. Because heat shock proteins increased in the fat tissue after hot tubbing, it was determined these proteins were playing a critical role in reducing inflammation and improved insulin sensitivity.

Inflammation tied to PCOS is one of the major reasons women suffer pain and discomfort from the cysts. This study indicates that regular hot tub soaking could provide some much-needed relief. It would stand to reason that soaking would therefore also eliminate stress and induce relaxation, which certainly help the immune system even better combat the effects of PCOS as well.

Yet another compelling study shows how good regular hot tub soaking is for us!