close up of woman in hot tub

Need perspective? Find it in your hot tub

October 16, 2018

close up of woman in hot tubOctober 16, 2018 – Life certainly can be a surprise. It’s interesting and sometimes very frustrating when things occur that are out of your control; challenges that can rock you and bring you crashing down to the realities we all endure in life.

One way to give yourself a chance to truly think about things and afford an opportunity to consider all angles of a situation is in your hot tub. Getting alone time in a space where your body is enveloped in warmth and causes positive physiological responses opens your mind to thoughts that might otherwise evade you.

I remember Alice, one of Olympic’s co-founders, saying to me years ago that she thought of the hot tub as a “think tank”. How true it is! Getting into a hot tub in and of itself tends to transport you to a different space in your world. The release of serotonin and endorphins helps combat depression and encourages what I term as “positive thought space”. Giving yourself the treat of a soak opens your mind to thoughts and possibilities about life situations that might otherwise never materialize. I’ve had many great ideas in a hot tub while soaking, thought about ways to combat a challenge, and ultimately emerged from the water feeling enervated and better able to conquer obstacles currently before me.

If you happen to be in a rough spot with a situation, relationship, or some other looming life challenge that seems insurmountable, make your way to the hot tub! It could be the catalyst that will prompt solution and positive change for whatever might come your way! Positive thought space awaits you.