November 28, 2008

Earlier this week, Chuck Todd, political analyst for MSNBC revealed on the morning show that his mother owned a small business selling hot tubs. He lamented that: “They haven’t sold one. They can’t sell any.” She’s located in a swing state and business is bad. He continued with: “This is one of those middle of the road luxury items.”

I couldn’t let this go without a message to Chuck:

Chuck: You are wrong that a hot tub is a middle of the road luxury item that nobody wants. You and your mom have to check out the health benefits and that fact that a hot tub is a NEED not a want for millions of Americans. And, they are selling! Why don’t you get the facts and spread the word about stress relief, arthritis & fibromyalgia relief, weight loss and diabetes lessening.? Not to mention relieving stiff muscles and having a family place to go now that families don’t eat dinner together anymore. I’ve been in the hot tub business 32 years. I’d be glad to share my marketing tips with your mom. Tell her to call me. Hot tub evangelists live all over America. You should hear what my customers say after they purchase: “It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself and my family. I wouldn’t be without it.”

Our biggest service day ever was 9/11. We came in thinking that no one would call. But people realized that when times are tough, they need the solace of their hot tubs for stress relief! We sold 5 yesterday because people are choosing to spend on their health, their families, their quality of life. I’m waiting to hear from your mom.
Best wishes,
Alice Cunningham
Olympic Hot Tub Company
Seattle, Washington

Still no word from Mrs. Todd or Chuck.