Moving Van

Moving your hot tub to a new home? Here’s what you need to know!

June 6, 2017

Moving VanJune 6, 2017 – When it’s time to move, you can cut the apron strings to a lot of things…but a Hot Spring Spa is difficult to leave behind.  That’s what our customers tell us. If parting ways will break your heart, and you just have to take your hot tub with you, here are a few tips to help make the move as smooth as possible.

  • If you’re going to use a moving company, familiarize them with the tub. It’s best to choose a company with experience moving larger or heavier items like pianos, or Grandma’s 800-lb china cabinet. To make the most of the space in their truck they may want to set the tub upright for the move. If so, remind them to situate the tub so that the side with the equipment bay is on top.
  • Remove all the water. That includes water in the plumbing lines as well as the body of the tub. Once you’ve drained the tub, be sure to remove any water that’s left in the plumbing with a wet vac. At the base of your tub under the equipment bay door there’s a secondary drain. Use that to remove any water left in the equipment.
  • Give your cover a thorough cleaning and conditioning. If it’s an old (4-5 years) waterlogged cover, chuck it and buy a new cover when your tub gets to its new home. The same advice applies to your filters. Their lifecycle is 2-3 years. If your filters are that old, replace them with new ones.
  • Does your hot tub run on 220V power? If so, and you decide to leave the electrical sub-panel on your house, be sure to get a new one. Warning: This is not a standard issue sub-panel. Don’t let your electrician install one. To ensure your hot tub is wired correctly you need to purchase a panel specifically designed for your Hot Spring Spa. If you fail to do so, there’s a possibility your hot tub’s equipment could be ruined.
  • Before you move, find your new Hot Spring Dealer. Let them know you’ll be moving to the area. You’ll both appreciate it. Is your tub still under warranty? Give the dealer your tub’s serial number and proof of purchase. That will help them provide you with seamless coverage should an issue arise during the remainder of your warranty period. It’s easy to find your new Hot Spring dealer. Simply go to Hot Spring’s website and enter your new zip code at the top of the page where it says “Find your local dealer”. Last count, there were 600 Hot Spring Spa dealers in the U.S., so finding a dealer near you shouldn’t be a problem.

If you’re leaving our area (sniff, sniff) and you’d like to purchase a new cover, filters, or sub panel from Olympic Hot Tub so you’re totally prepared before you take off, we’ll be happy to help. Just give our Service Center a jingle beforehand to make sure we have everything you need prior to your move.  If you want the added assurance that your tub will be ship-shape for the journey, employ our Valet Team to drain and detail your tub for you before you leave.


Bon Voyage! Enjoy your new life!