More Weird & Wonderful Places for a Hot Tub

July 19, 2013

We’ve fund three more weird & wonderful places for a hot tub! When people want to hot tub, there’s no stopping them. The soaking desperate are clever, inventive & adaptable!

Our first candidate for weird & wonderful places for a hot tub  is on the fly bridge of a mega million dollar yacht.  Note the barbecue grill to the left. These lucky owners don’t even have to leave the hot tub for a hamburger-just pass the ketchup.  Imagine soaking & sailing at the same time. A beautiful way to go.

Our next weird & wonderful candidate is on the deck of an aircraft carrier. The military is not what it used to be! This photo makes it look like a lot of fun.  Pilots  can relieve stress after flying into danger zones.  The hot tub is probably standard issue on all air craft carriers. Your tax dollars at work. Do you think this photo is classified? Yikes!

Last up is The Tug Tub  a floating hot tub that’s towed behind your boat.  The manufacturers say it’s a fully portable, lightweight, compact, floating hot tub designed with the space and power limitations of boats in mind. TugTub™ uses water from the ocean, the lake, or your dockside hose. Takes only about an hour to fill and heat to 104° F. Then it’s time to go Float and Soak!

Not exactly sure how you’d get into this hot tub. Maybe jump into the water & swim out to it? It doesn’t look too comfortable and what? No jets!

This just proves that a hot tub can go just about anywhere.

Have you seen any weird & wonderful places for a hot tub? Please send in your choice.

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Weird & Wonderful Places for a Hot Tub