More Than Selling Hot Tubs, We Sell Life Changes

October 11, 2013

The “Passion” of a Hot tub Salesman by Tom Colman.

“The woman on the plane next to me asked, “What do you do for a living?” I answered, “I am a doctor, a chiropractor and a massage therapist. I sell health, relaxation And stress relief. I’m a family counselor, marriage counselor and I bring friends together.

I know you are confused, but, I’m not finished yet, from the product I provide, I can give you daily sunrises and breathtaking sunsets. You’ll eagerly await the next full moon. There’s more!

While enjoying the product I guarantee you’ll see snowflakes about you and hear the silence of winter. You’ll see spring’s rebirth like never before. You’ll enjoy lazy summer evenings and in autumn you’ll feel a part of the changing colors.

Before you try to guess, let me say this, when you invest in the product I offer you, you’ll sleep better than every before  and YOU’LL SEE MORE SHOOTING STARS and have more ‘free’ wishes than you could possibly ‘ever’ desire.”

The lady I was sharing with looked over at me with a captivated look and said, ” You sell hot tubs.”

I corrected her by sharing that I sell Hot Spring Portable Spas and I change peoples lives everyday.  She said that she and her husband had been ‘thinking’ about purchasing a hot tub for quite some time.

I took out my 32 page Hot Spring color brochure and spent 20 minutes turning the pages and underlining the differences between a Hot Spring and a mere ‘hot tub’.

Then I offered her one of my free wishes so she could make it come true by investing in a ‘life changing’ product.  She said ‘thank you’ and agreed that her ‘wait’ was over. She would visit a Hot Spring dealer near her home.

This story was adapted from an experience shared with me by Tom Colman who has helped us at home shows and in our showrooms over the years. His passion for selling hot tubs comes out clearly in every word.