Looking for the Fountain of Youth? Find it in Your Backyard Hot Tub

September 18, 2014

September 18, 2014

Hot Tub of Youth. Don’t just get older. Get better… by hot tubbing.

September is Healthy Aging Month, a time for folks over 50 to think of activities that can help them age well physically, socially, and mentally. A Hot Spring Spa puts the fountain of youth in your own back yard. It’s never too late – one of our Olympic Hot Tub customers bought her first Hot Spring Spa at 93.

What could be more natural than a daily hot tub session? You get these 8 benefits of hot tubing that promote healthy aging without drugs, sweat, plastic surgery or expensive creams:

1. Staves off Burnout: Who can experience burnout in the soothing massage of those warm-water jets? Hot tubbing relieves depression, which can be one of the perils of aging.

2. Boosts Circulation. Everything relaxes in the tub, even your blood vessels – a widening process called vasodilation. That delivers the nutrients your skin needs to look healthy, vibrant, and young.

3.  Sharpens the Brain: Stress robs our brain of its natural capacities. A soak not only relieves stress but also increases circulation and blood flow to the brain to keep you intellectually alert. As we age, we all want to stay sharp.

4. Enhances Better Sleep. The massaging water before bedtime promotes deep sleep that helps your body repair more effectively, even removing age-accelerating free radicals from your skin.

5. Boosts Your Immunity. Hot tubs give you the benefit of being in nature. Researchers have discovered that produces lower concentrations of cortisol, lower pulse rate, lower blood pressure, and other physical changes that support your immune system. What better way to age gracefully than to stay healthy?

6. Combats Stress. A soak in your hot tub to beat stress can succeed in just 10 minutes. A quick soak is like a trip to the “mind spa” freeing you from everyday worries & cares. Experts agree that unrelieved stress leads to “older faster.”

7. Strengthens Family Ties. Tubbing is a pleasure that everyone can enjoy together – and probably easier to schedule than a dinner. Check out “Hot Tub Together to Reboot Your Family” for ideas on enhancing the experience. People with strong social networks age better.

8. Promote Creativity. You’re soaking up inspiration and getting a chance to reconnect with your quiet inner thoughts. 

The soothing relaxation of a daily hot tub soak never gets old. Let it help you stay young.

Do you appreciate the wellness benefits of your hot tub?  If you use your hot tub for feeling better and delaying the aging process, please share your story with us.

As the Romans said it, Res est severa voluptasPleasure is a serious business!

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