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January 5, 2011

One of the big myths about hot tub ownership is that they are hard to care for. Where there’s a myth, there’s usually some truth. In fact, older hot tubs are harder to care for than new Hot Spring Spas. And, I will say with no hesitation after almost 34 years in the hot tub business that all hot tubs without SilkBalance are definitely hard to take care of. They’ll take more time, energy, effort and money without really giving you what you want: clean, clear water that doesn’t dry out your skin.

Read one family’s story about their fear of hot tub care and what’s happened since they purchased a new hot tub from Olympic Hot Tub Company:

We purchased our first hot tub from Olympic in Issaquah in September of  2010 and we absolutely love it.  We had a wonderful experience with Jon Hutter and the staff at the Issaquah store.

We have never owned a hot tub and were nervous about the required upkeep and how the chemicals would affect our skin.  We (myself, my wife, and two boys) all have sensitive skin, and were concerned about how we might react to prolonged use of the hot tub.

Well, we could not have been happier to learn about SilkBalance and its impact on our hot tub and our skin!  We’ve been using the product for several months, and our hot tub at least 4 days a week during that time.  We have been surprised at how easy it is to own and maintain this tub, and we always experience clean and soft water whenever we use it.

Our skin feels great, and we recommend the product to all of our friends and family who own hot tubs. Thank you for recommending this product to your customers, and for helping us enjoy owning and using our hot tub! I have attached a photo of our happy family in front of our new Hot Spring Prodigy, holding a bottle of SilkBalance.

Best Regards,
John & Christa Bruno
Proud owners of a 2010 Hot Spring Prodigy
Snoqualmie, WA 98065

Start the New Year right! Make your hot tub clean, easy care and soft on your skin with SilkBalance. There’s a money back guarantee. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

SANUM PER AQUA. Latin for Health through water.

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