Looking For A Plug ‘N’ Play Spa? Buy a FreeFlow Spa Writes Happy Owner

December 17, 2010

Karen, our Sales Associate in the Fife Olympic Hot Tub store received this letter on Tuesday from a new FreeFlow Spa owner.

Dear Karen:

I wanted to share with you how pleased we are with our new hot tub.  We purchased a FreeFlow TriStar hot tub from Olympic Hot Tub earlier this fall.  I know this is a relatively new line of hot tubs for Olympic.  While each person has his/her own priorities in what they want for features in a hot tub, we have found our tub perfect for our needs and believe many others are looking for the same features we were.

Our needs and wishes were fairly simple.  We wanted a hot tub but had limited space, limited electrical load availability (did not want to spend the money for 220V), and did not want to spend $10K on a new hot tub. While researching hot tubs I found there were not that many models these days that were not loaded with more jets than you can count, and extras like light shows and a sound system that can accommodate an Ipod.  I also found few tubs that were true plug-n-play meaning you can plug it into a standard outlet.  Many tubs I came across claimed to be plug-n-play, yet they still required a dedicated circuit.

During my online research I did come across a line of spas from FreeFlow that seemed to fit our needs.  The TriStar model we purchased is true plug-n-play. It is a small triangular model that is perfect for 2 people but can comfortably accommodate 3.  As a triangular model it takes up little space and while we did not do so, it would fit nicely in a corner area.

My research indicated that FreeFlow uses Balboa electronics (known to be reliable) and a good quality pump.   FreeFlow seems to build a simplified tub with a more than an adequate number of jets.  To me “simplified” means less things can go wrong.  And as for the price, FreeFlow models sell for 3-6K, a fraction of what other brands are offered at. While considerably less expensive, my research told me that does not mean “cheap”.

Overall, we are very happy with our choice of the FreeFlow TriStar spa.  It appears to be a good, solid, hot tub that suits all our needs at a more reasonable price point.  We will see how it stands the test of time, but I am happy that Olympic Hot Tub is selling this line as they are the only hot tub dealer in this area who has a long history of standing behind their products. Feel free to share the above information with others who have similar needs to us when considering a hot tub purchase.  I have attached a few photos of our tub.


Gregg May

Gig Harbor, WA

Thanks to Gregg for writing. I couldn’t have done a better job explaining the benefits of  FreeFlow Spas. As he says, his needs and wishes were fairly simple:  he wanted a small tub of good quality to fit in limited space, reasonably priced AND that would plug into a standard wall outlet without additional wiring. Gregg is a savvy consumer who did his research on spas.  He came to the conclusion that in today’s market there is only one brand of spas that fit all of his needs. Freeflow.  The added bonus: FreeFlow is sold by Olympic.

While the simplicity and small size may not be for everyone, if it fits your requirements, check out a FreeFlow Spa. It’s a great little spa that will bring you years of enjoyment!

RES EST SERVA VOLUPTAS. Pleasure is serious business.

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