Limelight Hot Tubs Are Now ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System Ready

August 13, 2010

Limelight Hot Tubs were created with the top desires of consumers in mind. Innovative Design Makes Limelight Hot Tubs Stand Out from the Crowd We’ve thought of everything! All you need to do is get in and relax!  Step into it.  Limelight Hot Tubs are sleek, elegant, and designed for maximum pleasure. They’re made by the manufacturers of Hot Spring Spas-so you know there’s quality built in.

Limelight Hot Tubs  Inside: You’ll luxuriate in sleek, flowing curves – from top to bottom, from pillows to jet recesses to seating. The pearlescent acrylic shell is smooth to the touch and gives a gentle glow as your soak.

Outside: The Limelight’s clean, modern lines show off the elegant low maintenance Elmwood™ simulated wood cabinet and create a backyard focal point.

Dynamic Features Create the Best Seat in the House

Strikingly innovative – with a brilliant lighting arrangement, dazzling backlit waterfall, stainless steel hydromassage jets and a dynamic optional music system. And Limelight Hot Tubs are extremely energy efficient with fully-foamed cabinets – a must have benefit not found on other hot tubs at this price point!

A Limelight will add pizazz to your lifestyle without going over-budget. It’s the best value on the hot tub market today.

* Jets

* Lighting & Waterfall

* Music System

* Quality Craftsmanship

* Energy Efficiency

*and now, the ACE Salt Water Sanitizing system is an option on all Limelight models: Flair, Glow, Pulse.

Visit or call your nearest Olympic Hot Tub Company showroom today to find out more about the Limelight Hot Tub series and the ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System that automates water care, gives you soft skin and ultimate peace of mind with clear, clean water.

RES EST SERVAS VOLUPTAS.  Latin for pleasure is serious business.

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