Like to work out? The best time to soak in your hot tub– before or after?

September 26, 2017


September 26, 2017 – We get asked many questions at Olympic Hot Tub about the hot tub lifestyle. One in particular has to do with exercising. If that’s a passion of yours, you may have wondered about this yourself. Say you plan on doing a strenuous workout. Should you soak in your Hot Spring Spa before or after?

It you’re serious about exercising, it’s no mystery to you that soaking in a hot tub can help ease your aches and pains, reduce swelling, and adjust your attitude for the better after a workout. But knowing how to maximize those benefits may be a little unclear.

The answer, and this comes from pro athletes, is that when the conversation turns to the benefits of hot tubbing after rigorous exercise…it’s all about the timing.

Studies have concluded that after you’ve cooled down, stopped sweating, and your heartrate is back to normal, soaking in a hot tub can decrease pain, and increase range of motion. However if your training regimen is strenuous, or you’re running a marathon, the strategy changes.  It takes more focused planning and scheduling to maximize the benefits of your hot tub sessions.

This schedule has been shown to work:

  • Taking a short soak in your hot tub before you exercise can warm you up, and make your run feel more comfortable. On a cold day it’s even more pronounced because the blood flow to your legs increases. Since you’re already warm and perspiring from soaking, make sure to stay hydrated.
  • Right afterwards. This is when you want to cool down. Your muscles are now inflamed. To limit blood flow and make them feel better, it’s time to apply ice or cold water. Conversely, adding heat will keep them inflamed, and continued sweating will further dehydrate you.
  • A day or two later. It takes a while to achieve the maximum benefits from soaking in your hot tub after you run…36 to 48 hours. Inflammation is no longer an issue, and your damaged muscles can start to heal as a result of the increased blood flow. Now you’ll be able to enjoy the “other” relaxing benefits of soaking, like weightlessly floating, and rejoicing about your latest achievement.

Don’t forget…icing comes first…hot tubbing comes later.

In order to quell the soreness and stiffness of your vigorous work out, you need to ice first…then look forward to an enjoyable soak in your hot tub a few days later.

We applaud your healthy lifestyle. Enjoy your exercise…and your hot tub!