June 12, 2009

When some people think of summertime beverages they think of lemonade or Kool Aid or other thirst-quenching drinks. But when it comes to cooling off on hot days and having something wonderful and non-alcoholic to drink in my Hot Spring Spa, I personally think nothing beats a tall, cold, glass of southern-style iced tea. We used to call it “sun tea” because it was “brewed” by setting a big jar with ten or more tea bags in the sun then chilled in the fridge. By the time it “brewed” and chilled, it would be late afternoon and you’d be dying for something cold to drink.  You don’t have to wait for that refreshing drink now thanks to ready-made teas.  They can be chilling in the fridge ready to take out to the tub to quench your thirst while hot tubbing solo or partying with friends.  Be sure to pour the tea into a plastic glass (no glass around the hot tub, please!), add mint or lemon if you like and you’ll be in hot tub bliss.

The best tea is still old-fashioned “sun-tea” made fresh in the morning. A little more work-yes-but worth the effort.



I like chilled green tea, too.  Try any of the green teas from Tacoma-based Three Tree Tea Company. My personal favorite is Matcha Genmaicha which has tiny kernels of popped rice to enhance the taste and is blended with matcha green tea; the matcha undergoes a minimal steaming process which creates a superior flavor. We drink it every night after dinner and I put the leftover tea in the fridge to have a chilled drink while soaking in our roof top Hot Spring Spa.

It has a very pleasant taste and green tea is good for you!  Enjoy!

SANUM PER AQUA. Latin for Health through Water.