It’s Pain Week in Las Vegas. How About Asking Your Doctor About Hot Tubbing for Pain Reduction?

September 8, 2010

It’s PAINweek in Las Vegas-the annual doctors’ conference on pain & the latest techniques (drugs) for managing it.

Here’s the purpose of the conference from the website:

The collective goal and vision of PAINWeek is to disseminate knowledge and tools to frontline clinicians who are faced with treating the majority of patients in pain. PAINWeek is the only national pain conference that has been developed to meet the educational needs of physicians, nursing professionals, physician assistants, dentists, pharmacists, psychologists, and podiatrists.

PAINWeek offers a diverse curriculum with courses in the following areas: addiction, complementary & alternative medicine, geriatrics, health coaching, hypnosis, medical/legal, narcoterrorism, neurology, pain & chemical dependency, palliative care, pediatrics, pharmacology, physical medicine & rehabilitation, primary care, regional pain syndromes, and rheumatology.

There are many seminars on drugs, pills and medication and even a few on tai chi and self-hypnosis.  There’s even one on managing pain to increase the income a doctor can derive from his practice.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Pain is big business and Americans spend big to feel better.

But there’s not one seminar on the healing power of hot water. As we dedicated hot tub soakers know, hot water has benefits to the brain and body. Pain originates in the brain and relaxing from the ongoing tension caused by pain is a way to find relief for many people.  Over the years so many of our customers have told us that the only time they find relief from pain is when they’re in the hot tub. We’ve heard many stories from our customers who have reduced or eliminated the need for drugs in dealing with chronic pain after getting and using a hot tub.

If you have chronic pain, ask your doctor about the health benefits of hot tub soaking. If he/she doesn’t know, we can help! And, organizers of PAINWeek: how about a session on the healing power of hot water next year???

SANUM PER AQUA. Latin for Health through Water.

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