It’s National Hot Tub Day 2015. Time to Celebrate!

March 26, 2015

Celebrate National Hot Tub DayMarch 26, 2015

Get ready to treat yourself on National Hot Tub Day this Saturday. 

The yearly March 28th observance is one more excuse to enjoy your hot tub. Every day can be your Hot Tub Day.

But like Mother’s Day, National Hot Tub Day focuses special attention and appreciation to make sure we don’t take the special gift in our backyard for granted. This year’s observance on March 28, sandwiched between National Happiness Day (March 20) and World Party Day (April 14), is an opportunity to celebrate, relax, or both.

On our crowded national commemoration calendar, hot tubs share today with Children’s Book Day, Respect Your Cat Day, Microfilm Day, and Earth Hour. If you need another reason to celebrate, today is also the date that the washing machine was patented, in 1797.

And we’re only a full week into spring! Schedule a test soak and try your hot tub before you buy your hot tub!

You can send an online greeting card celebrating the day with “You Make It Hot,”  “Steamy Day With You,” “Hot ‘N Bubbling Fun,” “Wet With You,” or “Warm and Cozy Moments,” “Squeaky Clean Fun.”

“March 28 is the day to grab a refreshing non-alcoholic drink, doff your skivvies and hop ever so gently into the nearest hot tub,” says “Sit back, chill and feel all the tensions of the world melt away in the warm embrace of the bubbles and steam. Throw on some calming music and lighting and you have the right ingredients for a soothing break from the day’s woes.”  We second that advice!

Of course, with a Hot Spring Spa from Olympic Hot Tub, you can do that any day. If you don’t have one, celebrate National Hot Tub Day by giving yourself the gift that lasts all year.

As the Romans said it,  Res serva verum gaudium. True pleasure is a serious business.

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