Is Your Hot Tub Ready for Fall? 4 Easy Steps to Take Now

October 2, 2014

October 2, 2014

Soaking Season is now!

Fall is in the air, with winter close behind – the best hot tub weather of the year! Olympic Hot Tub is here to help you get ready for winter relaxation.

Here are 4 easy tips to get your hot tub in shape for the cold weather:

  • Keep it clear. To make sure nothing interrupts the flow, wash and sanitize your filters with SeaKlear Spa Filter Cleaner spray every month. If you haven’t changed your hot tub filters in the last two or three years, now is the time to replace them.
  • Keep it covered. If your spa cover is heavy, waterlogged, or smelly, order a new Sunstar cover today. The best option is the new Smartop, a permanent non-vinyl cover by Leisure Concepts, a Northwest business that’s the world’s largest hot tub accessory company. Call Olympic’s Service Center for more on the Smartop 1-877-599-60721. 
  • Keep it stocked. Check your supplies of water care products, and remember that you have to replace the silver ion cartridge every four months. You can shop for all you need at our E-Store.
  • Keep it clean. Give your hot tub pipes an inside cleaning with SeaKlear System Flush that scrubs away the built-up biofilm and sanitizes the plumbing lines. Schedule our Valet Team to handle this chore if you’re too busy.

If you want an overall checkup of your tub before the coming season, consider our Hot Tub Tune-Up Service. We’ll get a tech scheduled to give your hot tub a thorough exam and have it ready for your fall & winter relaxing. Call us today 1-877-599-60721. or email:

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