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In certain parts of the world, you’ll be able to enjoy an amazing lunar eclipse from your hot tub

July 27, 2018

July 27, 2018 – Our friends across the pond in the UK are going to be able to experience a once-in-a-century event, and it would be terrific to take it in from the hot tub!

A lunar eclipse is on the horizon tonight. This lunar eclipse known as one of the Blood Moons, will last an astonishing amount of time—far longer than the typical eclipse. The event will be viewable in the sky for an amazing hour and 43 minutes! And, with our Earth in perfect alignment between the sun and moon, it will make for a truly inspiring show in the heavens.

What causes the moon to appear this color during an event like this? Light from the sun casts through our atmosphere causes a distortion that reflects the light as a reddish tint before it arrives on the surface of the moon.

If you have friends in the UK, give them a heads up on this terrific opportunity to witness something very special from their hot tubs. The lucky folks in Asia, Africa and the Middle East will also be able to take in the show. And—if you know someone in Antarctica? Apparently, they will be in one of the best viewing locales!

If you’re here with me in the Northwest, don’t despair! You should manifest your own viewing event from your hot tub with a live feed of the eclipse. Take your smart device out to your tub and tune into one of the many options available on line to take in the show. One of the very best choices would be NASA TV.

Don’t miss out! Get outside and enjoy this amazing spectacle.